Agriturismo biologico biodinamico


"...the pleasure of hospitality in hand with the benefits of healthy eating"


The farmhouse dates back to the early 18th century. It lies in an area known for its panoramic beauty, just a few kilometers outside of Vicenza, set in a very peaceful setting among fields that have been established for countless years.
We believe in the words once spoken by the Gnostic Hermes Trismegistus: “As within so without; as without so within.” Therefore, the building was entirely renovated according to eco-construction criteria, paying particular attention to the materials employed. Deliberately avoiding electric and magnetic fields in all areas was of special concern, in order to offer our guests a special holiday, immersed in the surrounding landscape.


We named our farmhouse “Albaspina”, the ancient name for the hawthorn, a beautiful plant that is acknowledged for its multiple medicinal purposes.
Details are important to us: not only have we adopted eco-construction techniques, but we have invested in renewable forms of energy, such as solar energy panels and a biomass boiler for heating. Needless to say, Albaspina also carefully follows and encourages recycling measures and uses biodegradable cleaning products. In sum, we try to offer a comfortable and stimulating setting that safeguards and protects the natural environment.